Indonesian Election Result

Parliamen Election in Indonesia have been done on April 9, 2014 last time and the winner of this election is Partai Demokrasi Indonesia (PDI). The parliamen result who got 20 % of member in DPR (house of representative) can nominate one person become a president candicate, if can't fulfill the requirement they must consolidate with other party to unite and become 20% member representative and nominate one president. The nominated president from each representatives of certain party then elect again on the next president election on May. The president candidate can directly choose as president if they have voted by more than 50%. If there are more than two people president candidate, this may be still any other electrion because each candidate can't fulfill the requirement. Then only two winner candidate going through the next election on June 2014.

The quick count result of last election can drawn as on the below picture:

On the first place is PDI (19.24%), on the second place is GOLKAR (15%) on the third place is GERINDRA (11.77%), the president party last time is on the fifth position DEMOKRAT (9.43%). From this condition the spread of voter can make the president election may have 4 president candidate on minimum 3 president candidate.

What are your visitors search

We want to know what actually our visitors looking for. For This purpose, you can find easily if you are using blogger as your hosting because blogger automatically provided this tool together with your blog that placed on home of your blogger after you log into your blogger account.

For example my blog about pump and heat exchanger, they are looking many subject with many sentence input in the browser, and big possibility that your blog is not in the first page with certain of keyword. You just can view on what keyword they can reach your blog but may be this keyword is not favorite for all internet user especially about pump and heat exchanger. This reason why your blog have little visitor anyway.

For my blog they can reach my blog about pump and heat exchanger with this keywords:

Gland packing
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Gurame Fish Farm

Gurame fish is a kind of fish that prefer in Indonesia. This fish is being farm in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipine and Thailand. Some people don't like to farm this fish because it need longer time to be farmed about one year just can be taken to sell.

In indonesia this fish can be found in several places like in Tasikmalaya, Karawang, Parung and other places in Central java.

In some places are still soldom found gurame fish farmer like in Purwakarta, Cikampek, Karawang and Subang. Even in this area many restorant provide Gurame fish as their main menu. We have big opportunity to Farm Gurame in this areas. Other opportunity to provide benih gurame in Cikampek, benih gurame in Subang and also benih gurame in Karawang.

The Fastest Internet Network in the World

Google fiber just intall the fastest internet network in the world in Kansas City – United States, with access fast about 1 Gbps. This network built using optic cable. But Japan already intall new network faster than Google fiber that alrealy intalled in Tokyo – Japan, wiith twice speed 2 Gbps. This new record is apply by internet provider “Nuro” from Japan, So-net, a branch of Giant Electronic Company, Sony.

Nuro is using Gigabit capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) Japan that able to reach the downstream speed 2,488 Gbps. Other exited one that this company offer lower price than google fiber, only US$ 50 per month, lower than Google giber that offer US$ 70 per month. But customer must pay for installation cost about US$ 540. Different with Google fiber customer don’t need to pay this cost because this cost have been paid by Google. So-net also offer contract system for 2 years, twice than the Google requirement. The fastest internet network in the world still 2 Gbps send and received.

Website Indonesia dengan Penghasilan Adsense Terbesar

Inilah daftar 5 Website Indonesia dengan Penghasilan Adsense Terbesar

Setelah lama belajar bagaimana mendatangkan pengunjung, bagaimana membuat keyword, bagaimana meningkatkan SEO. Sekarang kita kembali mereview website website kita dan secara diam diam mempelajari 5 website Indonesia dengan Penghasilan Adsense terbesar. Mana saja website itu coba kita telaah lebih jauh kenapa bisa begitu:
  1. Toko Bagus ( Berdiri tahun berapa ya Jenis website: Jual beli online (barang baru dan bekas) Penghasilan Adsense: US$ 1600 Penyumbang pengunjung terbesar adalah dari domain Kesuksesan dalam transaksi online membuatnya banyak pengunjung dan melakukan klik secara sukarela. Jadi kesuksesan pendapatan Adsense merupakan sampingan saja.
  2. OkeZone ( Dibuat tahun 2006 Jenis website: Portal Online Berita dan Hiburan Penghasilan Adsense: US$ 1800 Pengunjung terbesar di subdomain: Bola okezone Ditunjang dengan penulis berita top, memiliki jaringan televisi MNC, RCTI, MNCTV, Global TV, koran sindo, tabloid Genie, dll. Sulit sekali menyaingi sumberdaya mereka, jelas bisa meraih adsense tinggi. Kesuksesan Adsense merupakan sampingan saja, karena bisnis utamanya adalah berita dan iklan.
  3. Adsense Indonesia ( Dibuat tahun 2005 Jenis website: Forum Komunikasi Publisher Indonesia Penghasilan Adsense: US$ 2200 Penghasilan adsense didapat dengan menarik orang untuk mempelajari adsense sendiri dan tanya jawab bagaimana menghasilkan uang melalui adsense. Banyak website seperti ini tetapi biasanya tidak banyak menghasilkan adsense click.
  4. Detik Sport ( Jenis: Portal online berita seputar olahraga Penghasilan Adsense: US$ 2700 Ditunjang dengan sumberdaya yang cukup dan berpengalaman dalam membangun berita online sehingga banyak pengunjung. Pendapatan bisnis utamanya dari iklan, penghasilan Adsense merupakan sampingan. Subdomain penyumbang pengunjung terbesar adalah
  5. Click BCA ( Dibuat tahun 1957 Jenis website: perbankan Penghasilan adsense: US$ 3100. Termasuk website yang sudah tua dan dikunjungi banyak orang karena keperluan menggunakan Bank BCA. Iklan adsense jelas penghasilan sampingan, secara tidak sengaja orang mengklik iklan Adsense setelah capek melihat lihat produk bank.
Dari kelima website Indonesia dengan penghasilan terbesar tersebut, maka tidak bisa ditiru karena Adsense merupakan penghasilan sampingan saja, sedangkan publisher bertujuan berpenghasilan lewat adsense. Jadi belum jelas bagaimana cara menghasilkan uang banyak dengan Adsense.