Jalur Mudik Alternatif Jembatan Comal Ambles

Nah yang mau ke Semarang lewat pantura harus tahu jalur jalur alternatifnya, sehingga gak terjebak macet yang tidak jelas. Sudah sejak beberapa minggu yang lalu jematan Comal yang merupakan jalur pantura utama yang menghubungkan tegal-pekalongan-semarang ambles. Sampai hari ini masih dalam perbaikan dan diperkirakan akan membuat kemacetan panjang. Kalau semua memaksakan jalur selatan, wah bakal macet sekali.

Jembatan Comal Ambles

Sebelum sampai di jembatan tersebut memang ada beberapa jalur alternatif, tetapi diperkirakan akan membuat antrian yang panjang karena jalannya kecil dan sulit untuk berpapasan terutama jika ada kendaraan besar seperti Bus yang suka nekad. Adapun peta untuk jalur alternatif disekitar jembatan Comal adalah sebagai berikut.

Jalur Alternatif Comal
Selain melalui jalur jalur alternatif tersebut diatas, untuk bisa menuju ke Semarang dan sekitarnya bisa melalui jalur lain yaitu Purbalingga. Tapi kalau yang mau ke Pekalongan jadi agak memutar, atau lebih tepatnya nanti bisa menggunakan GPS agar gak nyasar. Jalur Purbalingga tersebut sudah siap dijadikan jalur alternatif menuju ke Semarang.

Jalur Purbalingga

Truck Transportation at Lebaran Days 2014

As the regulation that release from Dirjen Perhubungan Darat about traffic regulation, truck transport operation and weight bridge operation in Lebaran season year of 2014 (1435 H).

The main point of the regulation are two points:
  1. Traffic order will start from July 21, 2014 starting time 0:00 to August 5, 2014 end time 24:00.
  2. Beginning from July 24, 2014 starting time 0:00 untill July 28, 2014 end time at 24:00 all trucking good are stoped to operate.
The complete regulation can view on the pictures on the attachments below:

Indonesian President Election - Juli 2014

The President election in Indonesia is performed today. There are two candidates for Indonesian President; Probowo Subianto and Joko Widodo. There is some joke that tell the president will be, because in the early morning before the election done, Brazil is defeated by Germany with 1: 7 win by Germany, peoples said No. 1 for the Seventh President of Indonesia, means Prabowo Subianto.

Untill now the quick count have release their counted but the differences voter of both candidates is too little so the quick count data can't use as judge the precident will be. The method of quick count have high error number says 10 percent wrong voter because they are take the data not from TPS or real counting in each TPS but from people they are asking. Difference number only 5 percent of both candidate can be very risk to judge one candidate already win. If there vote differ 10 percent its mean there guess is wrong.

We are still wait until KPU announce the manual counting on 22 of Juli 2014. The data below is release by many TV in Indonesia:

TV Channel Prabowo Jokowi
TV One 52.05 47.95
TVRI 47.45 52.55
MNCTV 50.36 49.64
An TV 52.00 48.00
Global TV 52.11 48.89
Kompas TV 47.62 52.38
RCTI 51.11 48.89

So what TV do you believe to? it very difficult to say, but better we wait untill 22 July 2014.

Indonesian Election Result

Parliamen Election in Indonesia have been done on April 9, 2014 last time and the winner of this election is Partai Demokrasi Indonesia (PDI). The parliamen result who got 20 % of member in DPR (house of representative) can nominate one person become a president candicate, if can't fulfill the requirement they must consolidate with other party to unite and become 20% member representative and nominate one president. The nominated president from each representatives of certain party then elect again on the next president election on May. The president candidate can directly choose as president if they have voted by more than 50%. If there are more than two people president candidate, this may be still any other electrion because each candidate can't fulfill the requirement. Then only two winner candidate going through the next election on June 2014.

The quick count result of last election can drawn as on the below picture:

On the first place is PDI (19.24%), on the second place is GOLKAR (15%) on the third place is GERINDRA (11.77%), the president party last time is on the fifth position DEMOKRAT (9.43%). From this condition the spread of voter can make the president election may have 4 president candidate on minimum 3 president candidate.

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